All of the Ways people spell Durag

All of the Ways people spell Durag

The humble durag is known for its versatility and style and it is a staple in many wardrobes, especially within the Black/African-American community. A durag is a silky or velvet wave cap that protects hair and creates waves. However, there seems to be a common dilemma when it comes to spelling its name. While the correct spelling is "durag," there are several variations that people often use.

One of the most common alternative spellings is "do-rag." (sometimes spelled “doo-rag”) This spelling reflects the way many people pronounce the word, with a distinct "do" sound. It's often used interchangeably with the correct spelling, but it's essential to know that "durag" is the standard form of the word. Some people have made sense of "do-rag" stemming from "hairdo".

Santa Durag in packaging

Another frequent variation is "dewrag." This spelling emphasizes the way some might pronounce the word with a soft "ew" sound, similar to how "dew" is pronounced. However, it's important to note that despite these variations, "durag" remains the most widely recognized and accepted spelling for this iconic headwear accessory. So, whether you spell it "durag," "doo-rag," or "dewrag," the style and functionality it offers remain timeless. Here is a list of the number ways “Durag” is spelled.

1. Durag (also stylized/spelled Du Rag or Du-Rag)
This is the most common and correct way of the spelling.

2. Do-rag (also stylized/spelled Do Rag or DoRag)
This is the second most common and correct way of the spelling. Stemming from the word "hairdo".

3. Doo-rag (also stylized/spelled Doo Rag or DooRag)
This is very similar to the second way “do-rag”, also stemming from the word "hairdo".

4. Dewrag (also stylized/spelled Dew Rag or Dew-Rag) 
This is another way durag is spelled.

There are the 4 most common ways durag is spelled. How ever you spell it, the durag is here to stay and no pun intended, it is creating waves. That I why we created the Santa Durag. We wanted to create a unique look to the staple durag.